10th Anniversary Family Picnic

We look forward to celebrating the past 10 years of bringing performing arts to the homeschooling community in the South metro!

A picnic meal including beverages and desserts will be provided! Please bring a peanut-free, sun-stable snack to share. Also, please indicate below if you are able to bring a pre-cut watermelon for the meal.

The evening will include live entertainment from both current and former students (see below for how to sign up!) as well as a couple of hours of swing dancing (with instruction available!).

Feel free to share this link with others who have been part of TCHA’s last 10 years. We hope you can make it!

Let us know you’re coming!

Are you a current TCHA student or Alumni?

We need your help with the “Live Entertainment” portion of the 10th Anniversary celebration! There will be opportunities to participate in both rehearsed choral numbers (listed below) or an open-mic time for your own selections. Here’s a message from our alumni coordinators, Eva and Zachary Opseth!

Dear TCHA students and alumni,

My name is Eva Opseth and my husband is Zachary Opseth, and we are TCHA alumni! I graduated from TCHA in 2019, and Zachary graduated in 2018. We were both heavily involved in TCHA in high school (which is actually where we met!) and both love to support this organization when we can. 

As you might know, the 10th anniversary TCHA picnic is coming up in July, and as the TCHA board has been working hard to plan for all the festivities, Zachary and I have been given the task to put together a program and open mic for the day! We would love to get as many past and present students involved in both of these events, so if you’d like to do some more performing (which we know you all do), then please read on! 


The goal of the program is to showcase the many different parts of TCHA and highlight some of the favorite pieces that have been performed through the years . A portion of the program features the ever-growing TCHA choir, and that’s where you come in! We are looking for high school and alumni singers to sing in a few choir pieces. Here’s what we will be singing:

  • Dulamann (by Michael F) Vocal parts needed: Tenor, Bass, Baritone, (Alumni solos)

  • The Road Home (by Stephen Paulus); Vocal parts needed: Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

  • Down to the River (traditional) Vocal parts needed: soprano, mezzo soprano, alto

  • The Wellerman (Folk Song) Vocal parts needed: Tenor, Bass, Baritone (we would love it if the 2022 grads and younger could sing this piece)

If you are interested in participating in the choir, please email us at evaopseth@gmail.com by Friday, June 9 with the voice part you typically sing (soprano, mezzo, alto, tenor, baritone, or bass). 

We hope to have at least 2 choir rehearsals before the picnic, which will be on Saturday at the Phillips home at 23280 Grandview Way, Lakeville (rehearsal dates: June 17th and July 1st with a possible rehearsal July 22nd if we need it). I’ll be sending you music and rehearsal/vocal tracks ahead of time, so please come to rehearsals prepared with your music printed and your part learned (bonus points if you come memorized). Don’t forget to bring a water bottle!

Open Mic

The goal of the open-mic is to showcase YOU! The incredible, talented students of TCHA. This will be an hour-long period of time where past and present students can sign up to perform a pre-prepared group or solo song of their choosing. To clarify, this is not karaoke. This is a chance for you to showcase a piece you’ve worked hard on, work up a group number with friends, or simply sing your favorite song. Though the go-to’s may be musical theatre or worship music, this event is not limited to any one particular style or genre, so feel free to do anything – pop, jazz, or even opera!


Sign-ups will be taken the day of the picnic on a first-come-first-served basis, 20 minutes before the scheduled open mic period. In the time before the open mic starts, you are allowed to sign-up yourself or your group for one 5-minute time slot. If there are still time slots available after the open mic has started, you may sign up you or your group for an additional piece.

Instruments and Backing Tracks

Feel free to bring an instrument or use a backing track from your phone – an mp3 hookup will be provided (bring your own iPhone dongle!).

Song Selection Guidelines

Of course, we can’t let you sing whatever you want, so here are a few rules and guidelines you should follow:

  • No swearing or crude language

  • No sexual or suggestive themes

  • Keep it PG! This is a family event

Every song will be subject to review prior to performing. If a song does not meet the rules and guidelines stated above, you will be asked to choose a new song or give up your time slot. If you’re unsure of whether your song meets these criteria, come prepared with a second one! For further questions about what is considered appropriate, please contact us at evaopseth@gmail.com.

We are so excited to be able to perform with you! Again, please feel free to reach out with any questions. We are looking forward to celebrating 10 years of TCHA! 🙂

~ Eva (and Zachary) Opseth