Life Time Triathlon Fundraiser
July 6, 2017

A group of 17 students and parents gathered on the shores of Lake Nokomis today to help set up for the Life Time Triathlon. We stuffed gift bags, set up bike racks, put numbered stickers on the racks, and secured netting around the perimeter. Thanks to their efforts, $340 was raised for our fall musical! We had a great time working together and we were even blessed with Chipotle for lunch and given crew t-shirts!

Workers: Karen Hustedde, Caleb Hustedde, Anna Hustedde, Josh Hustedde, Mark Opseth, Zachary Opseth, Micah Opseth, Jonathan Opseth, Anna Opseth, Diana Veer, Elsa Frische, Peter Frische, Rachel Frische, Elena Lopez, Isabela Lopez, Annalise Gruber, and Christina Gruber. Thank you!