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Contact TCHA

Dana Piper serves as Executive Director of TCHA and can be reached…
Phone: 612-244-1616

Class Location

South Suburban Evangelical Free Church

Questions about TCHA

Is TCHA a Christian organization?
TCHA’s board and tutors are all professing Christians and TCHA operates according to Biblical principals. Depending on the tutor – prayer, devotionals, worship, and Christ-center music and homework may be incorporated into the class.

When and where are the TCHA classes?
All TCHA classes meet on Wednesday at South Suburban Evangelical Free Church in Apple Valley, MN. South Suburban has graciously made their facility available to us, but TCHA is not affiliated with the church.

What are the age ranges for classes at TCHA?
TCHA offers classes for PreK children through 12th grade.

Where can I find demo recordings for my child’s choir class?
Not all choirs provide demo recordings. For those who do, the downloadable links will be found under the “Classes” tab on our website.

Policies and Procedures

What is TCHA’s attendance policy?
Attendance at every class is vital – especially for classes who are working toward an end-of-the-semester performance. One excused absence is allowed per semester. Students are responsible to refer to the syllabus (if one is provided) as well as contact a fellow classmate (not the tutor) to see what was missed in class and what homework is due the following week. Students who miss more than one class per semester and who are falling behind in the class requirements may be dismissed from the class and/or the performance without a refund given.

Does TCHA have weather policy?
If school district 196 is delayed or closed, TCHA will likely do the same. TCHA will post cancellation notices on its website’s homepage. No email will go out notifying parents of a cancellation. If nothing has been posted on TCHA’s homepage, assume TCHA classes will go on as planned. If classes are cancelled, make-up classes will not be schedule, but students are still responsible to complete assigned tasks and homework as listed in the class syllabus (if one is provided). No refunds or tuition credits will be given for weather-related class cancellations.

Does TCHA have a dress code or a code of conduct?
Yes. Clothing must be modest and free of profanity and vulgarity. If a tutor, board member, or South Suburban staff member feels a student’s clothing is not appropriate, he/she will be asked to change. This may require a student to go home, change, and come back to class. If a student is uncooperative with the request of the tutor, board member, or South Suburban staff, disciplinary action will result. Student’s should conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner. Respecting one another, parents, tutors, South Suburban staff members, and South Suburban’s facility. This includes, but is not limited to, refraining from running and skipping down hallways, being aware of one’s surroundings to avoid running into, tripping over, and breaking things. This also means keeping all food, snacks, and beverages (other than water) put away in one’s backpack or purse unless the student is in the designated lunch/snack area. In general, students should always pick up after themselves regardless of which room they are in. TCHA’s policy is to ” leave a room looking better than when you entered it.” If a anyone stains or breaks something, we ask that they pay for the necessary clean up and replacement. To recap, TCHA asks students and parents to use common sense and good judgment regarding attire and conduct. At this time TCHA wishes to avoid a lengthy list of “do’s and don’t,” but we will implement a strict list, if needed.


How do I register my children for TCHA classes?
We have implemented an online registration system using Active Network. This will save a great deal of time and energy for our volunteer board members.

Click here to be taken to the TCHA page within Active Network,

Do I need to register my child for the whole day?
You can sign your child up for as little or as many classes as you want.

Auditions and Choir Selection

Do my children need to audition for TCHA classes?
Generally, no. But there are a few classes for 7th – 12th grade students that require an audition or a prerequisite to join. For more specifics, check out the class description under the “classes” tab on main menu.

Which choir do I choose for my 7th – 8th grade son?
For young men whose voices have not begun the changing process, sign them up for the 4-7th grade choir. Young men who have started or completed the voice changing process (the clearest sign of this is a much deeper voice), they can audition for the high school choir.

Parent Involvement

May I sit in and observe the class?
During class, family members and friends are welcome to wait in the church foyer or outside the classroom. However, only the tutor and students may be in the classroom during class. TCHA has adopted this policy in order to avoid potential class disruptions, and we also want family and friends to enjoy end of the semester performances with “fresh ears and eyes.”


What are the financial requirements for TCHA families?
Each class has a tuition fee which covers the tutor salary, certain materials, church rental, and TCHA adminstration. When you register online you must put at least 20% down to secure your registration. You can pay in full if you wish. Any balance must by paid at least one week prior to the start of the semester.

TCHA pays its tutors out of the tuition fees collected. TCHA tutors are individual contractors of TCHA; they are not employees of TCHA. Some classes may have additional costs or materials that students are responsible to provide (i.e. folder, specific concert attire, costumes, music stand, etc). All information regarding additional costs will be provided on each class’ online class description. Class descriptions can be found under the “classes” tab on the main menu.

Why does TCHA do fundraisers, and do I have to participate?
We work hard at TCHA to provide excellent performing arts instruction while keeping our prices affordable. We are all homeschool families, so we understand tight budgets. That is why we are committed to offering several fundraisers each summer to help students/parents earn money toward TCHA fees. Participation is optional.


What does TCHA do with my personal information?
TCHA is respectful of your personal information and will not sell or share your data with anyone outside of this organization. We will only use your email address to promote future TCHA classes and opportunities using MailerLite. You are free to opt out of receiving those emails at any time.


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