We are half way through our fall semester so it seems like a good time to tell you a little more about TCHA and our dreams for this ministry. Rather than simply write it all out, wouldn’t it be more fun to take a quiz?

True or False: TCHA's first musical was The Music Man.


TCHA’s first musical production was Musical Mosaic performed on May 2, 2014. It was directed by Jen Perdue and consisted of a cast of 16 students.

The Music Man was TCHA’s first FULL-LENGTH musical with a cast of over 40 students and directed by Hannah Jackson.

*If you answered TRUE, we’ll give it to you because Musical Mosiac was a compilation of scenes from a variety of musicals, so, technically, it might not be considered a musical.

True or False: The TCHA Board is considering adding cooking classes.


The current mission of TCHA is to provide PERFORMING ARTS classes and opportunities to home-educated students in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We are considering a movie-making class, a music theory class, and possibly more dance options (i.e. ballroom, swing dancing, etc.).

True or False: TCHA classes have always met at South Suburban Church.


TCHA first met at Hope Church in Apple Valley where Mark Opseth served as Senior Pastor.

True or False: TCHA offers private lessons.


We have tutors ready, willing and able to provide private lessons in violin, guitar, ukelele, bass, piano, voice, and drama.

True or False: Besides tutors, TCHA has no paid staff.


TCHA is led by a committed group of volunteers. Next time you see one of these board members, be sure to say, “Thanks!”

Michelle Baumgartner
Yvonne Gruber
Karen Hustedde
Jennifer Larson
Pam Johnson
Amy Kleinhuizen
Mark Opseth
Dana Piper
Michelle Whalen

As the ministry grows, we do see the need to hire part-time workers. Keep us in your prayers!

True or False: TCHA has other locations where they offer classes.


But wouldn’t it be great if this were TRUE? Perhaps a day will come when we add classes in Northfield, South Minneapolis, or even Branson, MO. Who wants to help make this happen?