Looking for Testimonials

Whenever I am researching a new product or service to buy, I always make sure I read the comments and reviews from people who have used the product. These are most valuable in my assessments because they come from real people who have no vested interest in the success of the product.

When people are researching supplemental classes for their home educated students, they want to hear from other parents, not just the instructors or the director.

So would you help us out? We would like to add testimonials to our website – quotes, reviews, and assessments about TCHA classes and activities from parents just like you. What impact has a TCHA class had on your son or daughter? How was your experience with The Music Man? What would you say to a friend who is considering TCHA?

Please fill out the form below with your comments about TCHA. Your input will not only encourage us, it will challenge us to strive to become even better! Thank you!