We decided it would be best to honor the Governor’s recommendations and requests he made regarding everyone’s help in containing the coronavirus, so we have decided to postpone our spring play.  It was an extremely hard decision to make emotionally, yet I know it was the right decision.  I hope to reschedule sometime from mid-May to mid-June.  The auditorium has some openings during that time, and I will also be checking out a few churches that may have an appropriate stage if the community center isn’t available.  I also want to reschedule for when all the students currently in the show can make it, but I realize that might be impossible.  Once I wrap my head around this, and get some dates and venue possibilities, I will send out a survey for all to respond to regarding dates you can make, and dates you absolutely could not make.  Please try to be flexible if possible.  I will then choose a weekend accordingly.  That being said, if the virus is still a threat and we are still advised to not have events with large gatherings, we’ll have to try a different plan.  I’m so sorry it has come to this, but I’m sure you all understand.  I still say “The show must go on” but I just don’t know when and where!!!  I trust the Lord will lead us and guide us, and I pray for good health and perseverance for all of us during this challenging and uncertain time.  We face many disappointments in life, but GOD IS STILL GOOD, and nothing will change that.  HE is our Hope and our Rock.  I will keep you posted when I have some date possibilities.


Julie Nelson

Julie Nelson has always had a love for the arts. She has spent many years acting, dancing, and singing, and majored in Theater at Mankato State University. She is currently teaching Theater at South Heights Christian Classes (since 2011), In the Company of Kids Performing Arts Center (since 2010), and in 2013 started her own Homeschool Theater Company, “Acting With Character” which now offers classes and performance opportunities at TCHA and South Heights.

Julie also teaches classes for children and adults with special needs, along with private acting classes, and has developed and taught an intergenerational Theater program for the elders and preschoolers at Ebenezer Care Center. Julie has acted, written, and directed many dramas and plays for various churches, Sunday School and homeschool co-ops. She is enthusiastic about sharing her love for theater with all her students and helping them explore their creativity and develop their unique talents. She is married and has four boys whom she homeschooled for eleven years.



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