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Lisa Bernard  |  Choir, Voice

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 Lisa Bernard has sung professionally for over 25 years. Her voice has appeared on numerous radio/TV commercials and she’s recorded background vocals for many major Pop and Christian recording artists. She scored a top ten hit with her song “Better Than You” as Lisa Keith in 1993. Her favorite memory from that time was performing on the Jay Leno Show. Before her professional career, Lisa studied classical voice, enjoyed high school and college choirs, and was selected for All State choir.

Lisa has devoted herself to the music ministry at church, as well as leading choirs and music classes for the homeschool community. She also enjoys performing locally with her husband, Spencer Bernard (also a tutor at TCHA).

Being a homeschool mom, Lisa is excited being a part of TCHA and all it offers home schoolers. She enjoys helping her students learn about music, experience the joy of singing, and to glorify the Lord with their voices!

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Spencer Bernard  |  Guitar, Ukelele, Bass

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Spencer Bernard has been playing guitar and bass professionally for over twenty five years, and ukulele for five years. Before becoming a pastor, Spencer was a full-time musician. He still plays guitar at his church (Evergreen Church in Bloomington). Spencer is experienced in many styles, and has taught guitar part-time since 1998. He teaches a well-rounded approach that includes strumming, single note picking, and music reading. He can also design a lesson plan around a student’s specific goals and ambitions.

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Mary Coleman  |  Dance

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Mary Coleman might say that ballet was her first true love. She has taught many forms of dance (including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and Zumba®), and all ages 3 years and older. She has classic French ballet and pointe training, as well as instruction in jazz, lyrical, tap, danceline, modern, and even hip hop. Her teaching style strongly emphasizes solid technique, but also acknowledges the need for emotion to become a well-rounded dancer. She has always envisioned Heaven as including dance, and she firmly believes in Psalm 149:3, “Let them praise His name with dancing.”

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Nicole Davis  |  Flute

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Nicole M. Davis teaches private flute lessons to students of all ages.  She has a Bachelor of Music Degree in Flute Performance from Concordia College and a Master of Music Degree in Flute Performance from The University of Northern Iowa.  She taught flute lessons to non-music majors at The University of Northern Iowa during her graduate school program as part of her teaching-assistantship.  She has maintained her private studio in the Twin Cities since the Fall of 2009.  Many of her students have been very successful and have accomplished things such as participating in All State, Honors Bands and Orchestras.  Several have received music scholarships and have continued in music at the college level.

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Hannah Jackson  |  Musical theatre

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I am passionately in love with the art of theatre. I grew up in sunny South Florida where I pursued musical theatre training with youth performing arts studios. For some crazy reason I decided to go to college in FREEZING cold Minneapolis, MN.

At North Central University I received a beautifully well-rounded education in theatre. I was able to experience multiple facets of the university’s main stage productions: performing principal and chorus roles, lighting design, costume design, stage management, and assistant directing. Through my theatre, voice, and dance classes I developed a deeper  understanding of the art form as well as improved my abilities as a theatre artist.

I love acting and directing equally. I live for the magicalsensation of immersing myself into a character and portraying her to a captivated audience. I am filled with exhilaration when breathing life into a script by orchestrating the components needed to effectively portray a story. I LOVE teaching what I know to others. I want to spend my life invested in the art of  theatre. I never want to stop learning and growing. I want to play a major role in keeping theatre alive and growing.

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Julie Nelson  |  Drama

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Julie Nelson has always had a love for the arts. She has spent many years acting, dancing, and singing, and majored in Theater at Mankato State University. She is currently teaching Theater at South Heights Christian Classes (since 2011), In the Company of Kids Performing Arts Center (since 2010), and in 2013 started her own Homeschool Theater Company, “Acting With Character” which now offers classes and performance opportunities at TCHA and South Heights.

Julie also teaches classes for children and adults with special needs, along with private acting classes, and has developed and taught an intergenerational Theater program for the elders and preschoolers at Ebenezer Care Center. Julie has acted, written, and directed many dramas and plays for various churches, Sunday School and homeschool co-ops. She is enthusiastic about sharing her love for theater with all her students and helping them explore their creativity and develop their unique talents. She is married and has four boys whom she homeschooled for eleven years.

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Diane Ryden  |  Choir

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Diane Ryden is excited to join TCHA!  She taught elementary classroom and choral music in the Twin Cities for 14 years before stepping away from teaching full-time to raise a family and homeschool her kids.  Since then, Diane has stayed musically active by singing with Deo Cantamus and participating in the music ministry at church. 

Diane graduated from Augsburg College (BA in Music Education) and the University of St. Thomas (MA in Music Education with an Orff-Schulwerk certification).  She is passionate about helping her students develop their musical gifts to bring joy to others and to glorify the Lord! 

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Spencer Schoeneman  |  Drums

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Being a home school alum. myself, I am excited to re-engage with the home school community; this time as an educator.

I graduated in 2014 from McNally Smith College of Music with a Bachelor’s of Music in Percussion Performance.

I play regularly in church worship bands, I have been a member of pit bands for many local theaters, and I have performed with multiple cover bands and original artists. I am constantly learning and performing new material in a wide range of styles: rock ‘n’ roll, classic and modern rock, doo-wop, swing, blue grass, country, R&B, funk, pop, and more.

As an educator, I have had great success helping students of all ages and abilities reach their goals behind the drum set. A typical lesson will incorporate the study of reading, coordination, and vocabulary; time keeping is emphasized regardless of the subject at hand. Eventually the student will be introduced to different styles of drumming and will also learn to play along with their favorite songs.


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