Due to Covid-19, TCHA’s cancellation policy has changed for this semester. Payments will be collected in 2 parts. The first is due on Aug 19. If Fall semester begins as planned, no refunds will be given for this portion of your tuition, as our tutors have already put much time and effort into planning their classes. The second payment is due on Oct 14, and will be automatically withdrawn if classes are still meeting (in-person or online). If in-person classes are cancelled during the semester, some classes will move to an online format, others will end early and partial refunds given. Please check your class(es) for more information. Also, when purchasing your class(es), please choose the “Payment Plan” option.


We at TCHA (Twin Cities Homeschoolers for the Arts) care about each of our students and their families, and are committed to helping you stay healthy and safe. We also continue to believe in the importance of the performing arts and their role in enriching and blessing our lives. As we look ahead to the Fall semester of 2020, we know that our classes and choirs will need to look a bit differently than they have in former years. Time to get creative!

Areas of change:

1. Safety practices. Best practices will be in place for the ongoing pandemic of COVID19, while still providing opportunities for our students to gather in person to sing, dance, act and play together. Hand washing between classes, hand sanitizer available in all classrooms, sanitized surfaces, small group sizes, and social distancing when possible will all be practiced.

2. No sick students. No students with of cold or flu symptoms will be permitted to attend TCHA classes. If a student does come to class with these symptoms, parents will be contacted and students will be sent home.

3. No large choirs. This semester we will create a variety of smaller ensembles (6-10 voices per ensemble), as well as small group singing classes for younger and more novice voices.

4. Earlier semester dates. We will begin August 26 and end November 18, with no break in October for the Fall musical. This will allow us to complete the semester prior to flu season’s arrival.

5. Drop off & Pick up only. The church will not be open for parents or siblings to hang out during classes.

6. Recitals, not concerts. There will be no large group concerts at the end of the semester. Instead we will hold video recitals, in which group performances will be recorded during the last week of classes and posted online for family and friends to share and enjoy.

7. Live classes. (with the exception of certain drama classes also offered online). If we are unable to meet in person due to church building policies or a sudden increase in COVID19 cases before August 26, we will cancel the Fall semester. Our prayer is that our early start/end dates will decrease the likelihood of any classes being canceled due to COVID19.

8. No down payment. We will ask families to please register so that our instructors and directors can make preparations, however no funds will be withdrawn until August 15, at which time we will know for certain if we may proceed with our Fall semester plans.